Massachusetts Mortgage Rates Comparison

Massachusetts Mortgage Rates

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Low Mortgage Rates - MA

To learn about low mortgage rate loans in Massachusetts, contact the local housing finance agency:
One Beacon Street, Boston, MA, 02108
(617) 854-1000

MA Mortgage Regulator

For questions or concerns regarding a mortgage lender in Massachusetts, contact the local regulator:
Massachusetts Division of Banks and Loan Agencies
One South Station, 3rd Floor, Boston, MA, 02110
Toll Free: 800-495-2265

Rate History:

Massachusetts Mortgage Rates - 1986

Think today's mortgage rates are too high? Let's take a look back to the year 1986. According to Freddie Mac, one of the largest buyers of home loans, average rates on the 30 year fixed rate mortgage loan were as low as 9.32%, and got as high as 10.71%.

Massachusetts Mortgage Rates
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